Get rid of hives with cucumber juice

Did it happen often that after you have been exposed to low temperatures for a long time to wake up with red and itchy spots on the skin? Here are some simple remedies to get rid of hives quickly.

Rashes and itching are the main symptoms of allergies caused by cold. Usually, people prone to such allergies face these inconveniences on frosty winter days, but hives may occur after making contact with cold objects or after cold liquids consumption.

Face and lips may swell
Symptoms are visible on exposed areas – hands, forearms and face – but can spread throughout the body. Moreover, in severe cases, face, lips or tongue may swell due to fluid accumulation and even breathing difficulty may occur. In extreme cases, abdominal pain occurs, also diarrhea, vomiting sensation, and blood pressure decreasing.

How to get rid of hives (natural remedies)

– Apply fresh cucumber juice compresses or apply fresh cucumber slices on the affected skin.
– Apply warm chamomile tea compresses on the affected area.
– Drink three cups of nettles tea daily and put a bit of Swedish bitters in it.
– Use compresses or dab your skin with quince seed emulsion.
– Prepare a solution of 5 ml peppermint oil mixed with 100 ml of alcohol. Apply it on the skin to relieve itching.
– Prepare an echinacea, nettles, burdock, pansy and marshmallow tea infusion. Drink two cups a day.

Image Credits: HomeRemedyHacks

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