What kind of person you are, depending on your sleeping position

Have you ever thought that your sleeping position might say something about your personality? Experts believe that these two things are closely related to each other.

On the back, hands up
If you’re the kind of person who always sleeps on your back with your hands up, it means that you like to be always in the spotlight. Also, according to experts, sleeping position shows that you are a good listener to your friends problems, and you like to help anyone in need.

On the back, hands alongside your body
This sleeping position shows that you’re a quiet person, you see your own business and you don’t like to interfere with other people problems.

On the belly
It means you’re sociable, fun, who loves to entertain others and who doesn’t like changing of any kind.

One side
According to experts, those who prefer to sleep on one side are determined people who know what they want from life and do everything they can to achieve their goals.

Bent position
If you sleep with your feet close to your chest, then you’re the kind of person who wants to appear tough, but in reality you are very sensitive.

Paradoxically, this means you are an open person, sociable, very friendly.

Half belly, half sideways
Specialists believe you are the kind of person who is not content with the little things in life and who always wants to overcome limits.

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